Do you know someone that has gone through a major life change and it has left them handicap and their home unmanageable?


We need your help! After a major life change such as a sudden injury that leaves you unable to walk, adjusting to life and even your home can be difficult. We want to bring hope back to these individuals!

Each quarter we will choose one person to receive a free home adjustment. This could be anything from widening a doorway, putting in a wheelchair ramp, lowering cabinets and many other home adjustments to make life easier for these individuals.

We are looking for anyone who has had a sudden life changing injury or disability.


We will evaluate each nominee and access what our volunteers and vendors can provide to the nominees and we will pick the best fit.


We will allow all the nominees to carry over for each quarter if they are not chosen for as long as we provide this service.


We will provide a helpful service like some of the following: building a wheelchair ramp to their door, lowering a few cabinets, widening a doorway etc…


This will not be a complete home rebuild or makeover but will be a helping jumpstart to getting things back to a new normal.

Please nominate someone and and tell us why you think they would greatly benefit from a home adjustment.

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